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Other Uses of Calcium Chloride

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Other Uses of Calcium Chloride

Market Use Reason
Highway Maintenance Dustlaying

Snow and Ice Control

Prevents dust formation

Melts Ice

Construction Cold-weather concrete additive

Soil solidification

Tractor tire weighting

Accelerates set

solidifies loose, sandy soils

lowers freezing temperatures of water put in tires

Highway Construction Shoulder and base< stabilization Improves compaction of soil
Mining Dust proofing and freeze resisting ore and coal Retains moisture; lowers freezing point of residual water
Petroleum Additive to oil well fluids

Cementing finished oil wells

Drilling mud additive

Drying petroleum fractions

Increases density

Accelerates set of cement

Reduces shale swelling

Absorbs water

Portland Cement Manufacture Additive to kiln feed or fuel Reduce alkali content of cement
Railroad right-of-way weed-killer additive Prevents weed-killer from drying out and becoming flammable
Refrigeration Brine ingredient calcium chloride brines have low freezing points
Rubber manufacture Coagulating latex emulsions Coagulant
Steel and pig iron


Treatment of pelletized ore and blast furnace additive Elimination of alkalis that attack furnace refractory
Waste water treatment Removal of fluorides

Treatment of oily wastes

Removal of silicates


Breaks oil emulsions

Densifies floc

Safety information

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CAUTION: Harmful if swallowed. Contact may cause eye injury and skin irritation or burns.

If swallowed – call a Physician

In case of contact: For eyes, promptly flush with plenty of water and wash thoroughly. Contaminated clothing should be removed as soon as possible and washed before reuse.


Before using calcium chloride, carefully review the information contained in the product safety data sheet.

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