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Potassium Chloride and Urea are common icemelters that are often perceived as safe products to use around vegetation. Both need to be used at a slightly higher rate of application, with Urea melting to 15o F and Potassium Chloride melting to 12o F. Urea does not contain chlorides, so it is less corrosive and safer for use on concrete containing rebar and around steel structures. This is one of the preferred icemelters for airports.


Description: Irregular shaped, off white or white crystals.

Relative deicing speed: Slower than calcium chloride.

Lowest practical melting temperature: Down to 12o F.

Effect on concrete: Does not chemically attack concrete. Can cause damage from freeze-induced expansion pressures by increasing number of freeze/thaw cycles.

Effect on vegetation: Will not harm vegetation.

Residue: Slight, white residue.

Manufacturer’s recommended application rate: 8 oz/yd.

Comments: Environmentally safe.

Data Sheets

MSDS SHEET – Urea [1]

MSDS SHEET – Potassium Chloride [2]

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