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COMBOTHERM Melt Volume – at 20 degrees F: within the first 20 mins

  • 27% more than MgCl2
  • 33% more than NaCl
  • 2X more than Urea
  • 5X more than KCl
  • 9X more than CMA

COMBOTHERM™ Commercial Strength Blended Deicer – The Hottest Blend Available

ComboThermUse the best-performing ice-melt blend available to clear steps, walks, driveways and parking lots-COMBOTHERM™ Commercial Strength Blended Deicer from Oxy. Its unique composition makes it an economical alternative to premium deicers for maintenance professionals and property managers.


  • Contains the highest percentage of calcium chloride-at least 70 percent-of any blend on the market, along with sodium chloride and potassium chloride. Because of that, it generates heat as it dissolves into a brine solution, helping it to start melting snow and ice faster than other deicers.
  • Is a better ice melter, and a better value, than blends composed mostly of rock salt, which are less effective when temperatures fall below 20°F. The calcium chloride in COMBOTHERM™ deicer keeps working even down to -25°F.
  • Melts ice faster than other blends, so you can make surfaces safer more quickly.
  • Is a unique “processed blend” that combines its deicing chemicals in a single chip. A portion of the chips contain a green color additive that helps indicate the area of coverage and lets you see COMBOTHERM™ blended deicer work.

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